The Blob - OST LP (Blob Splatter)

The Blob - OST LP (Blob Splatter)

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Wargod exclusive variant for Michael Hoenig's 1988 soundtrack, The Blob. Now on vinyl for the first time via One Way Static Records.

The film was written and directed by Chuck Russell (Dream Warriors, The Mask) & Frank Darabont (The Fly II, The Mist, Tales from the Crypt).

Much like the original 1958 film of the same name, the remake has gained a cult following after its theatrical release in 1988.

Soundtrack duties for the film were handled by German composer Michael Hoenig.

Michael's music for The Blob is classic top shelf synth-driven electronica that fits the film like a glove. The voices, dark strings and feverish percussion create a rhythmic drive that embodies heroic desperation and a massive sense of relentless doom. Hoenig fashioned a creepy, compelling and atmospheric synth-based score, unleashing textured waves of sonic terror and suspense.

Over the course of multiple decades, Emmy award nominee Michael Hoenig has composed a diverse and extensive catalog of material that includes the theme to 'Dark Skies', the soundtrack to the extremely popular 'Baldur's Gate' PC game, and countless others. Horror scores composed by Hoenig include Class Of 1999 (1990) and The Gate (1987). He also performed on the soundtrack for Galaxy Of Terror (1981).

Pressing Info:
• Blob Splatter (Wargod exclusive) (200)

Track Listing:
1. Main Title
2. It Fell From The Sky
3. Brian's Chase
4. In The Hospital
5. The Reverend
6. Elkins Grove
7. Blob In Theatre
8. The Town Has Changed
9. Into The Sewer
10. Chase In Sewer
11. Close The Manhole
12. The Standoff
13. Blob On Mainstreet
14. Mayhem In Townhall
15. The Rescue
16. Snowfall
17. When The Lord Gives Me A Sign