Static Era Pressing Info

SER 001 Sights & Sounds "No Virtue" Digital | CD | Vinyl
SER 002 Husbandry "A Port In The Storm" Digital | CD | Vinyl
SER 003 Tear Drop "Did You Wanna Love Me To Death" Digital 
SER 004 Cruel Hand "Dark Side Of The Cage" Digital | Cassette | Vinyl
SER 005 Purity "re:animus" Digital | CD
SER 006 KARVMA "Heartless" Digital | Cassette 
SER 007 Private Mind "Private Mind" CD
SER 008 On Your Nerves "Brace For The Best" Digital | CD
SER 009 Rollin' Coffin "Runaway / Sister Misery" Cassette
SER 010 ILL COMM "Bad Plan" Digital | CD
SER 011 Cinema Stare "Feel Like Luv / Yr Mind" Digital | Cassette
SER 012 Tear Drop / Wish "Split" Digital
SER 013 Rollin' Coffin "Product Of Demise" Digital | CD | Vinyl
SER 014 Cinema Stare "The Things I Don't Need" Digital | CD | Vinyl
SER 015 Slighted "This Means War" Digital
SER 016 Husbandry "Drop By Drop" Digital
SER 017 Clearbody "Bend Into a Blur" Digital | Vinyl
SER 018 Slighted "Son Of a Bitch" Digital
SER 019 Splitview "Cherish" Digital
SER 020 Sidestep "S/T" Digital | Vinyl

Static Era Variants
Merauder "The Minus Years" Exclusive Cassette via Upstate Records
Comeback Kid "Heavy Steps" Vinyl Variant via Nuclear Blast
The Distance "The Rise, The Fall and Everything In Between" Vinyl | Cassette
Laid 2 Rest "Greatest Hits" Vinyl Variant via DAZE
Pain Of Truth "Not Through Blood" Vinyl Variant via DAZE
Private Mind "The Truth You See" Vinyl Variant via Triple B Records

Static Era Digital Reissues
Dismay "In Doubt" Remaster
Cornerstone "Beating The Masses" Remix Remaster
Fastbreak "Youth Pride" Remaster
Fastbreak "Don't Stop Trying" Remaster
Fastbreak "Where It Lies" Remaster
Fastbreak "Salad Days" * Remaster
Fastbreak "WERS" * Remaster
Cornerstone "This Was Now" * Remaster 

*Previously unreleased