The Cable Guy - OST 2xLP (Information Superhighway Splatter)

The Cable Guy - OST 2xLP (Information Superhighway Splatter)

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Over 20 years after the cult black comedy hit theaters, the soundtrack to The Cable Guy is coming to vinyl for the very first time. Features a who's who of 90s artists including Silverchair, Cypress Hill, Porno for Pyros, Filter, and Toadies to name a few. It also features Jim Carrey singing Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody To Love", because it would be a crime to leave it out. Limited to 1,000 copies including 300 on a "static TV" colorway and 700 on an insane “information superhighway” multi-color splatter variation.

Pressing Info:

• Static TV Splatter (300)
Information Superhighway Splatter (700)

Track Listing:
1. Jim Carrey - I'll Juice You Up
2. Jerry Cantrell - Leave Me Alone
3. Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand
4. Silverchair - Blind 
5. $10,000 Gold Chain - Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
6. David Hilder - End Of The World Is Coming
7. Porno For Pyros - Satellite Of Love
8. Cracker - Get Outta My Head
9. Jim Carrey - Somebody to Love
10. Cypress Hill - The Last Assassin
11. Ruby - This Is
12. Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot
13. Toadies - Unattractive
14. Expanding Man - Download
15. John Ottman - This Concludes Our Broadcast Day